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Standard Tunings not quite right


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Hi, Newby, so sorry if going over old ground, however a search did return what I was looking for...


Have a Dark Fire and the standard factory tunings are a little off... so after the DF tunes itself, I have to manually adjust 3 or 4 strings each time, kinda defeating the purpose of the whole robot guitar...


Does anyone know how to adjust the factory tuning presets? I have read the manual Chapter 6: Advanced Tuning Options but that is no help...


Thanks in advance.

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Hi DF0587


Are you on DF Firmware or DuskTiger Firmware ?

What sort of strings ?

Do your own settings work correctly from the (DT) Chameleon Editor to the guitar ?


1st....I would try a 109 reset, this could solve your problem !


For lots more friendly help, advice etc (where most DF etc owners reside) you may like to go here....


Some expert help always !


I've never had your issue !


Cheers [biggrin]

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