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A girl and her guitar, pt 2


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Oh my lord.


Having lost more than a couple family members to cancer, this song and her performance very touching to me.


Thank you Emmylou . . .


RIP Kate.





And thanks to you Anne for pointing this out.




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The voice, the incredible artist, and...the trusty r/w J-200. Gifts that keep on giving.


This video was shot at the Driskill Hotel in Austin a couple of days ago. In memory of the great and lovely Kate McGarrigle.




As I fight midlife crisis and aging, it's bitter sweet for me to see (and hear) stars age.

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Very, very nice......Emmy Lou said in an interview that when she first got to Nashville in the late 60's, her goal was to be a folksinger like Johnny Cash. I hope she knows that she has certainly achieved that goal. Great stage presence and the voice of an angel....Thanks for the video.

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