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Gibson L00 for bottleneck!


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I am currently mooning over vintage L00's on a classic guitar site.


I rotate between my J45 in standard tuning (perfect!); my Blues King in D open tuning for bottleneck (perfect!); an Epi EL00 in G open tuning also for bottleneck (great but very narrow neck...).


I played a metal dobro for many years, and while I still love it, it does cause various aches because it is such a heavy guitar.

After owning a few Martin dreads, an all hog Martin 000, I tried the Epi EL00 after reading about it in this forum? I took it home - it was my first foray into smaller guitars for fingerpicking.

12 months later I tried a few Blues Kings, and eventually took one home. It does everthing for slide in D tuning - it cries, sings...



I need another Blues King for G tuning. Lucky Threes of Gibsons. I like to have them tuned and ready to play (or I don't change tuning!!! Spoilt, mad?)

I cannot possibly explain to friends, family, even myself, why I need two of the same guitars, so I will take the opportunity to look into a vintage Gibson L00. I have never played one, though I have seen some great ones on video and the internet. I tried a new J45 Legend and was shocked at the size of the neck! Is the the Legend L00 the same neck?


Any suggestions? Comments?


Regards BK.

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Jerry K user_popup.png

Posted Yesterday, 12:36 PM


You can also try the new Keb Mo model.

eds 11 user_popup.png

Posted Yesterday, 11:28 AM


The Legend J45 has a huge round profile neck; the L00 has a sharp V. The neck on the BK L00 is perfect IMO. I love mine!!





Does anyone know much of this guitar shop?


In Ohio?




Could you drop in and roadtest this beast for me?




Regards BK.



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