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Ah well.


After so many years of denial I finally allowed myself to be re-united with 'The Dark Side'.


Cookie's lovely Sienna Burst post was the last straw.


I'd been thinking about getting one for a wee while now and had tried out a few but I knew my choice would inevitably be a Lake-Placid Blue '62 style with Rosewood board. It just had to be.




The oddest thing about it is that even although it's been seven years snce I sold my beloved '64 the neck on this one feels exactly the same. Uncannily so. Very Spooky.


It really felt like 'Coming Home'.



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HA !


Pippy caved ! ! !


Man, she looks great.


And I gotta say, the Strat products of the last few years have been outstanding. When I go to a shop and play a few, they all feel great - American, MIM, whatever.


Sounds like your very happy, so good for you.


Congrats on another beauty for that stunning collection of yours. B)

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I ordered a sonic blue classic player 60's 6 weeks ago and still waiting. Getting GAS real bad and my local Gibson dealer has a 61 RI SG and a cherry LP Traditional plus in store. Would rather a Les Paul but not big on the 50's neck . Might go try out the SG today. Is that a US made strat pippy? My second choice was a MIM the same as yours.

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Thanks, All, for your kind replies.


I really do appreciate them.


As far as those who have either raised a point or else had a question or two I'll try to answer them in order;


Cali; The '64 I had was L-P Blue and that was the only reason I knew the new one was going to be the same. Your Sea Foam Green Tele is truly stunning but not an option for me!


As LP (well, Mary Ford at any rate) sang; 'I Surrender, Dear!" I'm glad I caved!


All the Strats I played were near flawless. I tried out the Squier Classic Vibe (seriously brilliant value for money and highly recommended!); MIM Fender Classic '60s (which I bought); Fender Classic Player and Fender Hot Rod.

I chose the Mexican-made 'Classic '60s' as it is practically identical in specs to the '64 I had. The Squier, whilst a wonderful player, had electrics which are not quite up to the standard of the 'woodwork' part of the deal. The 'Classic Player' has a 2-point rather than 6-point vibrato bridge and, I think, more modern tuners. The Hot Rod, whilst being a superb player, has a more Gibson-like fingerboard profile and Jumbo frets - neither of which I really wanted on 'my' guitar.


Tone-wise it sounds slightly more 'Vintage' than my '64 did. The p-ups are quite weak - which is a good thing - but perhaps a little bit too weak? I had a very early '57 reissue in the early '80s and, from memory, it sounds identical to how that sounded.

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If I got a strat, I would get an American Vintage '62 also.

I have the American Vintage '62 Pbass.


Your strat looks fantastic. The color. Love the mint pickguard and knobs and pups. And the fingerboard wood is beautiful.


Does the back of the neck feel flatter, and less rounded than your average strat?

My '62 Pbass feels very flat, which I like. Was wondering if the strats are the same way.

Congrats. That's a lifetime keeper. No go play it til you relic that puppy. Maybe there is a sunburst finish underneath like the originals!

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