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My neighbour, who shall be only be called TURKEY, hears me start to practice guitar and then mows his lawn with a chain saw for 3 hours.

I have various musical equipment that could lift his roof in revenge, but...restraint!

I have made various recordings and videos that are just LUCK not to have him and his machinery start up.

Not to mention the other neighbour's son (the Ginger Ninja) who forgets the medication and likes to hit the fence with a rock over and over and over....




I was considering soundproofing him out and came across some interesting things through Google.


First the professional sound booth:




then the budget option:




Beautiful! Just perfect for my music room, or perhaps outside!



Regards BK.

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If you're serious about recording, a sound booth you are going to need, to shutter out mower noise, as well as, household noise like, creaking, talking, water running, furnace, fans, air conditioning, telephones and the like.


It would be right neighborly if you could sound deaden your music room with heavy curtains around the perimeter, or move to the basement. You'll still need to cover basement windows with foam or acoustic tile.

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