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1989 J-100: anyone know what the correct bridge pins are?


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Howdy. This is my first post here, so please bear with me as I learn the rules of the road in this forum.


Recently I latched onto a 1989 J-100, maple body, mahog neck. It's an early Bozeman acoustic, and unlike most J-100's both earlier and later, it has a top-belly bridge rather than a moustache bridge. It's seen plenty of miles, but it's structurally ok and sounds as good as most of the older J-200's I've played. In short, nice guitar.


Here's my question, and I'm hoping that someone KNOWS the answer: what would the original bridge pins on a 1989 J-100 have been? The pins on this guitar as I received it are black with white dots. It's possible they're original, but I'm skeptical. Anyone know?



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