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Help with J35/45 models


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I am in the market for a J35/J45 and my head is spinning from all the available options.

I want something with a drier older Gibson sound that will lend itself to finger style as well.

I am not interested in buying an old 50's or 60's guitar since in the long run the newer Montana’s will serve be better.


Here are my current options:


Fullers J35 reissue (looking at a new and used one at the moment)

New Gibson Original Jumbo True Vintage Reissue (On eBay)

Gibson J45, looking at the Legend and a Woody Guthrie (both on eBay)

And finally a John Walker J35 available locally.


My problem is that I would be buying without trying therefore I would rather gamble on models that are at least consistent in quality and sound.

Any reviews and or sound comparisons would be greatly appreciated.

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I've owned three of your choices.

The Fullers J35, an OJ reissue and the J45 Legend.

They were all fine guitars with the Fullers model being my favorite.

As a matter of fact there is a used Fullers J35 for sale at the UMGF presently or at least it was a couple day's ago when I saw it.

I'm not affiliated with the seller other then interaction with him at that forum.

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I am in contact with the guy on UMGF, looks pretty good.



Those Fullers J35's are awesome guitars.

If I was you I'd get that J35, his price is fair and you'll always get your money back should you need to sell it.

I sold mine about six months ago for more then he is asking for his.

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