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Small Chic looking for BIG sound on a smaller body acoustic


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I have this beautiful handbuilt Kronbauer Small Body for sale



Oh MY .....Dodge


That is just such a pretty guitar!


Almost worth my moving to georgia for!


Don't sell it her if she sounds as good as she looks she's a keeper





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Welcome Jen Civ. Hopefully you haven't in fact not played in 7 years. In any case, I just wanted to add my plus 1 to the suggestion of a CJ-165. I recently bought a rosewood one of these for my wife from a tip from a member (thanks again Mike). She is a petite 5'1" and was having trouble with the size of her SWD. The CJ-165 is a sunburst finish, which she normally doesn't like, but once she played it she fell in love with it. It's actually helped rekindle her interest in playing. And I have to say, its one heck of a guitar, much more of a voice than I expected.


Hoss has mentioned some vintage Gibby small body's, notably the LG-2 and LG-3. I have a 1946 LG-2 and it's my favorite guitar. Not sure you'd want to go the vintage route, but if you do, these can be a really good way to go.


Last, wanted to also suggest the Guild GAD-30R. OM sized, made in China, very reasonably priced, and a huge amount of guitar for the money. Long scale,1 3/4 nut, but very comfortable thin profile neck. Versatile, but really shines as a fingerpicker. Extremely well-made.


Good luck, let us know how the search goes.



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