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Flying v 67 - 68 reissue


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Hi Jofipe,


Are you sure it's a 1968 reissue? I know of the 1967 reissue Flying V, but not of a1968 Flying V reissue.


Maybe the following website can help you further as well, but let me know if you have any questions:




Kind regards,



Stijn Vergeest

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The features look the same as the stock USA model. Perhaps it's a misprint on their part. Event he Gibson USA flying V isn't really a 67 reissue in the truest sense, it's more a modern interpretation of the 67 body style (as opposed to the 58 body style) than anything else. I've seen the stock model referred to as a Flying V, a V Factor X, and a 67 flying v.

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It reads very similar to a 67. The only difference in hardware is that it states Grover Kidney tuners, and the 67s had Kluson Deluxe. It may have a different neck profile; my 1991 '67RI has what I'd call a slim 60s neck, this may be slightly fatter, but from the description I don't think it can be much different.

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Got one of the recent 68V here,according to my serial-number, it was made in Nashville USA ,10th may 2012,production-number 40!


-Mine is with the cherry finish (dark burgundery,gloss finish) ,Kluson Deluxe,Tuno-matic bridge, and came with granadillo-fretboard (rusty-red,Oh well..but at least it goes well with the finish of the body,(I was hoping for a more "brownish" board,I will see around if theres any "fixes"/good oil`s for this a little later!)

The body,which was flawless,had a great setup,no buzz,cracks,or anything ! It looks shiny & cool and sounded loud & very resonant when playing unplugged! :)


I believe there`s only the 68 in white finish that comes with ebony-fretboard..which by now is hard to find,(at least in my region!)


Gibson T-500R in bridge & 496R for neck humbuckers ,when overdriven,it sounds really thick,massive & LOUD with a warm tone-characther,Excellent buckers for high-gain metal,Doom,Stoner-rock & early 90`s death-metal,..but it can do really more, When tweaking the amp,tone & volume knobs on the guitar,it sounds great also for classic rock & blues as well when testing on a JCM800 50W combo !


The neck feels like a a bit chunkier& wider than a normal 60`s neck,and it is a very straight board,A bit unusual after playing for while a LP Classic Custom.

It`s like getting off a "Bentley" and jumping into a "Willy`s Jeep" ,LOL...but the guitar is really fun to play,and is really growing so far on me ! XD



-By now I have replaced the pots with CTS500K,added a spargue bumble-bee,50`s independant wiring,It made a little clearer tone of the 496R neck-bucker,no subtle big changes with the bridge-tone/sound..



Uhm,back to the question,I believe the 67 reissue had vibrola-system, nickel-case over the (490R and 498T?) humbuckers, and a different kind of fretboard-wood,the rest to me,looks pretty much the same !

The faded V`s is actually the same as 68, except for the gloss finish on 68!



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Something about fretboard height for string break angle...




"The main way to conclusively identify a '67 versus any other year is the fact that the fret board is only about 1/4 inch off the body as opposed to about 1/2 or more for any version after. This makes for a low break angle over the bridge and the characteristic slinky strings these are known for. The '67 is the only version with the short tremolo and the pickguard cut to fit this feature...


I would like to add that the current USA Flying Vs also have the fretboard just off the body like the original 67s. Other than the neck joint and some minor headstock shaping and edge conturing, the current USA 67 Flying Vs are pretty darn close to the original 67s. Of course, as stated above, the original 67s changed between production runs."


Maybe the fretboards on the current `68' models sit a bit higher than the `67's did.

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I'm sure people know by now as this is an old thread. I've just stumbled on it, but the Gibson Flying V '68 RI is IDENTICAL to the Gibson Flying V '67 RI (the standard flying V upto 2012. Not a "historic '67 RI) apart from the fretboard material. The fretboard material on the standard v was changed from ebony(classic white model) & rosewood (ebony black model) to grenadillo on both after Gibson's importation problems with the US government. The guitar was renamed the Flying V '68 reissue to reflect this.

Some dealers confused the 2, and even advertised them under the wrong name or spec for a while. Most commonly, they advertised the White one as having an ebony fretboard. I saw a lot of that first hand, calling dealers to check before I bought one back in 2012.


Just in case anyone still cares. :-)

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