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DC resistance

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You probably won't find an answer anywhere because there is no set value. Variations in the wire tension as the pickup is being wound, uneven winds, a little extra solder a little longer wire and such all add resistance. Resistance is also not the true way to measure a pickup's power since a pickup is an inductance coil, but most people understand resistance and it does correspond somewhat with the output. Most PAFs and PAF clones strive for about 7.5K to 8.5K ohms. The holy grail of vintage LPs (the original 50's are the only vintage ones) is the '8 rule' which is 8 lbs, 8K and 8K. Note that back then they were not specifically winding neck and bridge pickups (now bridge pickups are slightly hotter so the solo can cut through the mix better). So the '8 rule' wound mean an 8 lb guitar with two 8K ohm pickups. Places that due list a DC reistance as a pickup spec are approximations and there is some variance even in them.

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