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+1 Searcy, how many pedals have you had hooked up at the same time? And, how do you reach them?


I pay people to reach them for me.


Actually the most I have ever had hooked up at once is about 8 or 9.


The #64 pedal is a Shaller F121 volume pedal.

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^^^ Sweet board man!


I especially dig the Fuzz Factory (of course) and the EHX. I bet you can do some pretty trippy **** with that setup. That MicroSynth looks like fun...


Yeah - things can get pretty psychedelic....the microsynth is great for taking out the normal octave signal and blending together an octave down and an octave up to make a massive mad tone, that interacts well with other effects. One thing you can't see is that the Boss distortion pedal is a Super Distortion Feedbacker. When you hold the pedal down, you get endless sustain - and can blend in harmonic overtones.....very good with delay. Also the RAT is Keeley modded - fantastic sounds from tasteful overdrive up to balls-out gritty distortion. I feel the need to plug in and play!

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