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Would you let an artist sign your guitar

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I had Joe sign my Epi JBLP on the body with a black Sharpie. It looks great and should last on the poly finish. Also had my son's pick guard signed with a gold paint Sharpie. It too turned out great. Having the artist sign their signature model just makes sense to me.

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this past year I have been really lucky and gotten to see some great bands... I got to see Queensryche, Filter, and Avenged Sevenfold... I got Queensryche to sign a POS classical guitar and a Blackstar HT5 amp, Fiter signed a fender strat, and A7X signed an Agile AL2000 gold top... so yes... I would let an artist sign my stuff... its all in great fun... and when I get home I have an uncrowned drum head waiting on me... my man cave is going to look like a flipping museum... yep I am a lucky man!



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[thumbup] I was honored to have Les Paul sign my 1980 goldtop, it would depend on how much you value the artist - I WOULD have Eddie Van Halen or Ace Frehley sign my guitar(s), but not someone like Brad Whitford, as his autograph dosn't mean anything to me. But - yes, Les's autograph on my Les Paul means the world to me, especially now ! [drool]

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