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La Bella Strings?


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I'm looking at La Bella strings on JustStrings.com, and there is a disclaimer that these strings were designed for the original Steinberger designs and may not fit newer models.


Can anyone confirm that the regular La Bella double balls (as found in the top half here) fit the SS-2F?

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Definitely, I just wish I could reap the benefits of double ball:


1) Easier to switch strings

2) Less material used

3) They satisfy my OCD, being perfectly matched to the guitar I am using [biggrin]



I talked to someone at La Bella about just ordering some loose strings to make a 13-52 set, but he strongly recommended against that. He said it would be impossible to achieve exactly the correct tension, whereas every set is designed to be perfect.


This makes me worry about more "Guitar Center"-ish brands (D'Addario, Ernie Ball, etc.) who market lots of varieties of "sets" which definitely put different types of tension on the neck (i.e. there's your regular 9's, then your 9's with a "heavy bottom").


Does anyone know if the goal is to achieve the same tension for each string when tuned, or is it supposed to be spread in a certain way across the neck? D'Addario (my favorite big brand) at least advertises the tension of their strings, but essentially every set has a different spread across the neck. Should I aim for the one that is most even, or what??

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Hi vestiges! I usually use ernie ball string on my synapse. How does the feel and life of Labella compare to a good quality string like EB? I tried the D'addario double ball strings and they died and rusted in 4 days where I usually get a month on Ernie ball's.


I would like to use double ball strings for the convenience. The clamping system on the SS-2F looks like it'll wear out quickly and I didn't register my guitar 2 years ago like I should have. I probably couldn't even find the receipt now.

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