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Stud spacing on Epi Wildkat?


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Just got an Epi Wildkat and LOVE IT! I had a Gretsch 5120 that I bought a Compton compensated bridge for and was wondering if I could fit one of those on the Wildkat, if anyone knows the stud post spacing, it'd be really appreciated.

I can find out later tonight, I'm just at work and curious.



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If you're using callipers to take this measurement the easiest method is to measure the diameter of the post, write that figure down, say it's 10mm, then measure the distance outside one post to the outside of the other post, say that's 84mm, then simpy subtract the post diameter from this figure, basically it's just "(distance post outer to post outer) - post diameter = post hole spacing" so, 84 - 10 = 74.

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A couple of guys over on the Gretsch-Talk forum have done just this, and these are the specs that they posted:


12" radius

Stud-spacing center to center is 2.913" (73.99 mm)

The stud/post-hole diameter is .250" (6.35 mm)

String spacing is 2.047" (51.99 mm)


One of the guys had a slightly different string spacing measurement because he uses a different gauge, but it was negligible. They sent their measurements directly to Wayne (I think) at Compton, and he built the bridges to suit the 'Kats.


(Note that stock Compton bridges have a 14" radius.)



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