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TP6 Fine Tuning Tailpiece Help!


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I am new to the forum. I just bought a TP6 Fine Tuning Tailpiece for my 07, LP Standard. I am upgrading to the TP6, Tone Pros Locking bridge and Kluson Locking Tuners. My question, I have never used the TP6 before but I have heard great things which prompted mt to buy it. How is it used? Do I simply string my guitar up, tune it and then use the little screws on the TP6 to dial in my tuning? Do the screws lift the bridge up? Do the screws cause any rattling?


Lastly, when installing the TP6 should I screw it all the way down to the body? Will there be to much string angle?


All help is appreciated.



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Hey man... I'll take some pics of mine today and post them here for you... I even have another version of it (Schaller) and will post pics of that one too...


Its very easy to use, you dont even have to take out the original tailpiece's studs... it will go in there as it is Gibson too... (if not, a gentle push will do).


You should make sure all saddles are in the correct position when puting it in the guitar, or you may damage the finish... (you can do that by putting them in the correct position and letting the btailpiece rest on top of a cloth... then you move everything in place)... will have pics of that too if you are willing to wait a couple of hours...


I suggest you have the finetuners in the middle position (not totally screwed in and not totally unscrewed). So when you tune in the headstock you can take care of fine tunning in both directions with the tp-6


Its very easy.


Regarding your other questions


a) No, the screws dont move the bridge at all... they work by themselves and neither the bridge nor the tailpiece move when you fine tune with them.


=D> The screws cause no rattling... as the strings' tension wont let them move at all... (I'll have a little graphic to show how it works as well).

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Ok, here are mine... I just realized I dont have any new set of string left so I wont be taking the tp6 out... but I managed to make a little manual... (dont laugh, I made it in a rush so some parts may be a little out of proportion...).


As you can see... the Schaller version is a little sexier... but the Gibson version looks more classic... I think it goes better with Gibsons, the Schaller version may go better with Shecter, PRS, and other brands with modern looks, anyway I bought it from Stewmac some 4 years ago and they dont have it in stock anymore (for 2 years now) so I guess Schaller stopped making them... anyone knows about this?


Also notice the Schaller roller bridge I installed with the fine tunning bridge... it is kind of big, I have seen a Tone Pros version (I think it was tone pros) that is the same size of a normal Gibson bridge and still is a roller bridge (let me look for a link to that one... here it is... on stewmac, dont know the brand but this one works perfectly http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar,_Tune-o-matic_bridges/Locking_Roller_Bridge.html ).


Ok... here comes the good stuff (pics, sorry if they are a little too big... I wanted them to show the details).






Gibson TP6 on my Standard Faded









Schaller fine tuning tailpiece with schaller roller bridge on my highly customized epi.







Roller bridge:


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