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Epiphone Worn G-400 Vintage

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Hey guys, my Nighthawk won't be in until May 6th so I ordered this version of the Epiphone SG to keep me busy for the month of April. I was curious if anyone else owns this. I love the style and it was cheap. I plan on doing a full overhaul mod on this like every other Epiphone.


What I really want to know is why this version is cheaper than the regular G-400? This one looks way better in my opinion.




Here's some good pictures from Shelton's Guitars:


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Thats funny, I think its much more attractive than the red or black.


Here's what will more than likely end up on my doorstep:



More pictures:



Not nearly as nice looking but I will still enjoy it. Good eye there, I would have never known that until I got it.

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It will be interesting now to see what I get. The picture on Musicians Friend (where I ordered it from) has the binding also. I noticed that it shows a black nut though and the bone colored looks a lot better. Easy swap there.



Pics of guitars on the MF website are notoriously outdated. The pics you see may have been taking several years ago. So you can't necessarily go by the pics.

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