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Thoughts on guitar selection based on venue when playing out.


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We've been performing for some time now and have regular gigs at two small pub venues, and two large venues with full PA's.


When I say we i mean myself on guitar and my singer at small venues, and a 2nd guitarist who plays lead in the bigger venues.


We play covers, mainly upbeat with a driving rhythm, coupled with a few slower, picky numbers.


Ive tried all my gigging guitars in all venues and so far came to the following conclusion.


For the larger venues I found my rosewood SWD is by far the most suitable guitar, as the big, growly Gibson rosewood tone delivers brilliantly across the PA and large venue, really filling the place with the bottom end and overtones. Perfect for rhythm in large venues. Not so good in small pubs as it sounds a bit boxy and choked when constrained within the acoustics a smaller room, even with gentler technique and attack.


In smaller venues my mahogany guitars, SJ and Furch win out. As the earthy, woody tone is ideal for the tighter acoustics in a small pub both with OM and drednought guitars. This is played through my marshall as100d amp.


I like this as it allows me to pick a different guitar according to venue and its been an interesting learning experience.


So for those who play out, do you choose a guitar shape or tone wood depending on the size and acoustics of the venue, or it doesnt really matter for you ?



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Sounds like you're on it, EA! My same conclusions! When I play a solo gig, usually a small bar, limited amplification (guitar and vocals through my Marshall amp), I like my TV/SJ. When playing larger crowds with the bluegrass band, nothing but my SongBird! The rosewood just hammers like a freight train! The mahogany SJ is a very warm and mellow, BUT you can push it hard and it'll knock you off your feet! (I just love that guitar!)

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