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Has anyone seen one of the Gibson SJ 200 5 Star Custom Quilt guitars ?

On the label which is orange inside the guitar its says SJ 200 5 Star Quilt


Just this morning took a ride to a local guitar shop here and they had a sunburst J 200 there just incredible 5 star quilt and the tone was amazing .


Anyone have one or seen them .

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They have a natural as well as the picture you posted here looks like that .


House Of Guitars in New York has two of them and the other a sunburst . The burst sounds a bit bighter less mid than the natural but it just rings and very tight and clear sounding lots of definition more so than the other .

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Ive heard a few J 200s and some seem to be a bit boomy sounding but this sunburst is crisp and clear its here did not take me long to get it !


Did not want this one to slip through the cracks !

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Wait . . . . did you pull the trigger ?


You bought it ?


Oh ya


Went in there Thursday looked over both those guitars and they set the sunburst up then went back today . Thinking thinking when I got back home then I panicked a bit drove back and brought that baby home today .


There was another fella looking over that burst he was very interested and he mentioned it sounded better than the natural but my good judgement told me better grab it so thats what I went a head and did .


Im not certain what size strings on this guitar Ive got to find out in fact Ive heard word that the new guitars issued dont have Gibson strings on them which I find hard to believe but ?

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