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Strings. Which ones?


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You'll find folks who will say nothing less that 12s on a full hollow jazz body. Some prefer flatwounds, some roundwounds. Generally bronze "acoustic" strings don't make it on an electric as I understand most pickers' inclinations and preferences.


Some will say that lighter strings also bring floating bridge float and intonation problems.


I personally go the other direction, but I've a very light hand on such guitars. So I use 9-42 Elixir polyweb. I'm not any kinda paid endorser of Elixir, btw, but I think for lighter strings they are more mellow on the bass side than most similar gauge roundwounds.


Also the DR Zebra AE strings are advertised as excellent for playing jazz on an archtop. I've used them in 9-42 now on two AE flattops with good results, but not on anything with magnetic pickups.


Some day I'm gonna get some 9s and a medium gauge setta flats and dump the bottom E and run flat 9-42 that way to see how it goes on an archtop.



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