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I've done everything i can think of in any combination possible... but my damn 56 goldtop epi just will not stop buzzing all over the fretboard and when you do open chords... OMFG. [cursing]


I love this guitar but i want the action to be as low as i like it and id like to be able to play it unplugged without a cringe. strum and all you hear is metalic clang.


Is a fret dressing expensive? Would this guitar be worth it? [confused]

My bet is that the neck either off kilter or the frets arent done properly. I've never had this much trouble in doing my own tech work (nut shaping, saddle fitting, TR adjusting)and Im about to sell the piece of $h!t and let someone else have to screw with it.


It wouldnt suck as much if i didnt like the sound so much... [cursing]

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Get a real set-up from a good tech you might be amazed.




Guitar necks/nuts/bridges are fairly basic things. A good tech should be able to sort out all the problems you are experiencing and it shouldn't cost too much at all.


If you really love everything else about the guitar then it's a far cheaper option than 'selling-and-replacing' the instrument would work out to be.



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its modded with gibson minibuckers (LP deluxe style), a bigsby b7, gibson kluson style tuners, Tusq saddles, Tusq nut, CTS 300k pots, switchcraft jack/switch, and 50's wiring with OrangDrops.


make an offer


replace the bridge with a Bigsby roller bridge and your problem will disappear

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