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I put my LP Standard on Lock Down


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I upgraded to a Tonepros Locking Bridge, Kluson Locking Tuners and a TP6 Fine Tuning Tailpiece. Thanks Thundergod for all of the advice!


I still need some advise on how to get the Tailpiece screwed all the way down without having the stings hit the back of the bridge. I tried lowering the bridge but I get much buzz. Do I need to get my neck adjusted?









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It could be that the neck angle isn't just right. Nothing you can do about it really and it won' hurt anything. I can't lower the stop bar on my standard faded all the way down either, in fact it's quite high to clear the back edge of the TOM. Doesn't seem to make a lick of difference either other than astetics.



Beautiful top BTW.

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Sweet looking axe. It's not always possible to screw the tailpiece all the way down. I agree there's some benefit to having it tight, for coupling (if the material the tailpiece is made from affects tone, then so will the way it's held on there, right?).


You could get Tone Pros locking studs for the tailpiece; they're actually two pieces each, where the top part screws down into the lower part, pinching the tailpiece in between the flanges.


There's also a brand called Faber out there with a slightly different design for the posts that seems like a good idea.


My solution was a little more pedestrian - I went to the hardware store and got a pair of 5/16-24 socket head (allen) set screws and installed them underneath the tailpiece studs so that the studs do not have any play in the threads when they're tightened. You have to count the number of turns you backed the studs out and put the set screws down only that far (plus five turns if they're five threads long) because if you turn the setscrews in too far they could go beyond the insert threads and get loose underneath. Anyway it holds the tailpiece studs tightly so there's no play in the threads. So much for getting the tailpice studs tight to the body, now you have to address the tailpiece being loose on the studs - either Tone Pros or Faber already take care of this.


As for locking the tailpiece to the studs, I simply have the treble side a little lower than the bass side, so the flanges hit the tailpiece at a little bit of an angle and they lock down somewhat.

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I took the pictures right after I installed it, I still need to set the intonation. I did have to make the holes a hair bigger for the Tonepros locking tuners to go in. I could put the old ones back on if I ever decide to and it is such an insignificant difference it would not hinder the stability of the stock tuners at all.


The back of the tuners look just like the stock Vintage tuners. I am not going to worry about the tailpiece being up a bit. It looks great and I can tell after playing it even without messing with the intonation that it is a HUGE upgrade all around.


Thanks for all of the input!



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