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84 Gibson ES 335. Looking for info... Plain top, figured back


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I have this posted in the Vintage section but thought I'd give it some air time over here. There may be more people on this site than the vintage sight. I've included some pic's that aren't great photo quality but you can clearly see the trem as well as the somewhat plain top and figured back which is discussed in another post. Does anyone know what neck profile an 84 would have. It feels a little like my Les Paul premium plus which is suppose to be 50's neck.


Here's the post:


Speaking of the 84 Es-335.. I've alway's wondered where it falls in collectability too. It was made in Kalamazoo and I believe that's when Norlin (I think that's the right name) owned the company. I don't know if that detracts or not. It's very high quality craftsmanship. It's unique in that it has a factory installed Kahler trem system that's finished in gold like the rest of the guitar hardware. I wrote to Gibson and they confirmed that the trem system was installed at the factory and that Kahler supplied the trem with the Gibson logo stamped in the steel frame. I think that was a popular system in the 80's. It has a dark rosewood finger board with the block trapezoidal inlay's. I sent pic's to Gibson and they belive it was sort of a one off custom... It doesn't have the "custom" plaque on it. It also has a 3 piece maple neck which makes the guitar a solid maple color throughout.. but probably makes it a little bright in sound. .


I've heard that the Norlin years were not spectacular for Gison but I'm sure original craftsmen were still there building great guitars. This guitar really stands out with the warm amber color of the antique natural finish throughout... The amber color has aged well.


I'm just curious about this... I love the guitar and wouldn't part with it.


Thanks in advance.






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