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I am trying find out any information about this guitar and also what it might be worth it is a J45 serial number has a 2 above all the other numbers and they are 325619 it has a fret bar missing varnish is wore off a little around sound hole it has adjustable bridge a few scatches and marks and also has some cheap looking Kluson tuners i too the best pics i could get of it i just need some info on possible value year model to see if i even want to try and get it and what it might cost to fix it also has a pearl dot missing in the fretboard




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... 325619 ...


Sounds like a 1965. That's still early enough to be a bit desirable, it's hard to say what a good price would be. If you check completed sales on eBay, you'll see that some go for as low as $1000, but some sell for much more. Condition seems to matter a lot.


-- Bob R

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