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Sexiest Les Paul!

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Mine is a Desertburst :)



I searched for 18 months for that axe.... and she's worth every minute of it!


AS much as I love my Desert Burst and had to order it in cos they dont sell a lot of them here in OZ. If there was a beauty comp for guitars mine would be akin to Lindsay Lohan yeah shes hot and we'd all do her but your DB is Miranda Kerr shes so hot and we'd Marry Her lol.

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Hey Rewd, I see you finally got that Axcess. Nice, =D>


Thanks LP,

This guitar is now my fave of all. It is the perfect Les Paul for me. You can't believe how light the guitar is til you pick it up. Yet it still is a tone monster. I have to give it a 15 on a 10 scale. I luckily got mine ordered before they discontinued them and went to the silverburst and raised the price almost $800

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"My" sexiest LP...is (probably) my Classic! Lovely Honeyburst, and just the right amount

of striping, in the top (for me, that is).






But, for some "Cheap" sex...








And, my latest, "bargain sexy:"




Nothing like some guitar porn, for the evening. Lots of great looking guitars, on

this thread! Kudo's to all!



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