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Hello all, this is my first post on here, although I have wandered around the forum for awhile reading reviews of the Inspired By 1964 texan Epiphone acoustic. I am a huge McCartney fan and I love playing Beatles/all kinds of other things. How is the action higher up on the neck when playing these things? The reason I ask is that I am contemplating buying this guitar to save wear and tear on my Gibson LG-1 which is in need of a bridge replacement. The Gibby plays like a dream on the high frets with clarity and ease of play with a light guage string. Now I know these are two completely different animals, but can I expect it to be fairly easy to manipulate chords and such high up on the frets? I don't have any guitar place in my immediate vicinity that carries it to play before I buy, so I thought I would ask here. I know a good setup can work wonders too, but just wanted to see what I could expect with it.


Thanks so much!


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I've never measured the action at the 12th fret on mine but it certainly is not high and is fairly comfortable to play up the neck, although I must admit I don't play many chords up there unless I've got a capo on. Given the proviso that much depends on the set-up, I really thought mine had great action as it came from the factory. When I got it, I did have my local shop round some of the edges on the saddle; they struck me as a bit sharp.


To be on the safe side, you could perhaps order one from a music shop that offers a set-up before they send the guitar out the door, but I have none to recommend off the top of my head. I got mine from Musicians Friend.

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E.M. Shorts Guitars (AKA Wichita Band, & Instrument Co.) Wichita, Kansas.

They do free setups, with purchase, and put on you favorite strings, as well.

Call Cody, or Lance, at: 1-800-835-3006 or E-mail: wbic@wichitaband.com


I puchased my IB '64 Texan, from them, last fall, and it's a great playing,

and sounding guitar. Their prices are great, as well.


Good luck...



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I got mine about a month ago (see my earlier post)as a backup to my Gibson J45. I'm surprised how easy it is to play. I immediately put Elixir strings (11's) on (the strings on the guitar were like elastic bands)and adjusted the truss very slightly to provide some relief in the neck. No adjustment was required to lower the saddle/bridge as it was set-up low from the factory.


I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price (the Nanoflex system was great through my small VOX 15 Amp). The sound quality seems to be good further up the neck (although like dhanners I would only be up here with capo on and you need to remember there is no cut-away).


There is hardly any stock of the I.B. 64 in the U.K. and this was the first time I ordered a guitar without trying it first.


I got it brand new for the equivalent of £250 (300 Euros). It retails in the U.K. at £330.


Anyway - I'm waffling on - Hope this helps.

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