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Just what I have been searching for!

Andy R

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Andy I'm retarted, but what's a .mogg file?


mogg files work with Audacitcy software.......they are MedCalcData files.........Multiple tracks within one file....


I'm not using them yet, but I've been using all kinds of new fangled software these days.............


And studying.............and recording...........a lot.............

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Andy I'm retarted, but what's a .mogg file?


Ever wish you had the separate studio tracks so you could cut out the guitar or isolate the guitar track? That's what a .mogg file is. It is the isolated separate tracks used for the recordings. When you open them up in Audacity you see all the separate tracks. Then you can mute or remove whatever tracks you want and save it as a stereo .wav or .mp3 file with just the tracks you want. No cheesy backup track!

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Sounds interesting Andy but the songs have to be recorded using that format right? I mean you can't just pick one of your favorite tunes, drop it in Audacity and you have instant separate tracks can you?


No you're pretty much stuck with what's available. They are pretty much all the files used in the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games. ( at least something useful from the games) The nice thing is that 99% are actual authentic isolated tracks from the original recordings. I need to do some investigation as some are in .ogg format and don't seem to have as many isolated tracks as the ones in .mogg form. The file sizes are actually pretty small considering. Some of them are at least 10 or more tracks. It is very cool to be able to hear what and how much effects are on the different parts.


The Drums and the Bass are usually isolated separately, sometimes the kick drum too ( you might here some slight bleed). Sometimes the vocals are combined with the vocal harmony tracks and some of the guitars might be mixed together some but overall they are pretty well isolated and fascinating to listen to.


I don't have a drummer yet so I was looking for a "digital stand in" until we get somebody. I have been trying to find midi files with fairly accurate drum parts ( and somewhat of a groove) and then send the midi drum tracks through BFD2 program to get good quality drum sounds but the .mogg files save a ton of time and you are actually playing to the real drum track. My plan is to get everyone's tracks in Pro Tools so that if somebody can't make it we can still rehearse without missing someones part.



Very nice! Try it you won't be disappointed![thumbup]


Tons of Beatles




The Who

Some Stones

Van Halen

Foo Fighters

Floyd ( dark side of the moon)



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