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Gibson CASE for a Gibson SG BASS?


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Well, I didn't get much response over on the "Gibson Bass" forum, so I'll try here. Surely what I'm asking isn't that impossible.


I just bought a gently used Gibson SG Reissue bass on eBay, and it didn't come with a case.


I want to find/buy a real Gibson case (white or grey plush lining, combo lock, etc) for my real Gibson guitar.

Where can I find one?


The online Gibson.com shop only sells regular guitar cases.


I've looked at generic cases (Gator, etc). They usually fit Fenders quite well, but they do NOT support a Gibson neck at all.


I've also looked at Epiphone cases for their EB-O an EB-3 models. They used to sell really nice ones, with heavy chrome latches and nice padded handles. But now the ones I see are really cheap, with crummy brass-plated latches and plastic handles.


I want a Gibson case for my Gibson bass guitar. How hard is that?


Thanks for any suggestions!



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Most cases only come as gear with a new instrument. The SG bass case is not sold by Gibson. you might try to you might contact TKL or SKB, two case manufacturers that have built cases for Gibson guitars and basses in the past.





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