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First Youtube video.... its not perfect.. be gentle..


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Here's my first ever Youtube clip of me playing my guitar. Its a well known solo although I only play the first bit that I remember then make the rest up as I go along!! Yes I have hit alot of duff notes too...


It was recorded on my iPhone in my front room with the backing track playing on my music system. I put my guitar through my tiny little Laney Practice Amp..


My 5yr old son was very kind enough to record me playing.


Here go's..... Can you guys PLEASE leave me some comments on YOUTUBE...


Regards Flight959



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I think It is especially good considering considering how your line of work must be just so mentally consuming! The diligence it must take with work, kids etc; to come home and then work on your chops is worthy of a compliment as much as the tone and the playing itself Simon.


Also Simon you haven't been playing that long have you?!


well done



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I think you got real talent and potential.


I don't like to be a critic, as if I know everything, but I don't know how else to explain why I think you have talent..so;


There aren't really a lot of "bum" notes, but I do notice that you seem to be searching for notes as you solo. I can sense that you seem to have an idea of which notes you want to hit, and I get the sense you are reaching for it. This gives me the idea you haven't been playing all that long as you aren't familiar with the fingerbaord to hit the notes you want to. I'm sure you know that, but the reason I felt I had to say it is to say this;


For someone who hasn't been playing that long, you have EXCELLENT timing. Your timing and sense of rythm is nearly spot on. Its even kinda spooky. Almost always, by the time a musician learns to have such timing, they are WELL advanced. Your notes on the 1, 2, 3, and 4 our exactly and precisely right on, and it is STRANGLY so. spooky. And also, your bends are not only to pitch, but the micro timing of when they go up with the drummers syncopations of the rythm is also spot on. (the record isn't even so).


And seriously, unlike your typical "ametuer" youtube video, I enjoyed it beginning to end, (as opposed to tolerating it).

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Whats up Big "S", finally got to see what you look like and honestly is that a dwarf LP? It sure looks small in your hands, for sure if a bar fight breaks out I want you on my side..... I loved the gtr work and except for the lack of a wah it sounded damn nice.... Dont have a youtube account any more of I would comment there.





Sexy!! Just like you imagined!!!...LOL

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That was great, I love the interactive camera work too.


Posting videos takes a lot of guts because people tend to look at other stuff other than the music itself.


Posting clips takes guts too but people can only focus on the music/tone.

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