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Finally something to be excited about!

Shnate McDuanus

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Hey guys...I know that this forum isn't my personal blog, but, I just had to share this. I'm too excited.

For the first time in a long time, I'm actually very, very excited about school.


I just registered for my classes for next semester (first semester of Sophomore year). I have:


-Critical Thinking: one of the required courses for my philosophy major. Being taught by my favorite professor, the one who I have this semester for Contemporary Issues in Ethics. I think Critical Thinking is going to be a great class.

-Southern Appalachia: a "cultural understanding" class about the history, music and culture of the Southern Appalachian region. Basically it's a three-hour seminar one night a week, about a very interesting culture which I am, in a way, connected to--some of my relatives live in the region, so I think that this class will be very interesting for me, personally. Also, it's a three-hour seminar--I know this is weird, but I prefer three-hour classes one night a week as opposed to one-hour classes three days a week.

-Intro to Cinema: one of the required courses for my film minor. The great part about this is that I have two hour-and-a-half classes a week, and a three-hour block for relevant film screenings on Wednesday nights. The films are screened in the campus auditorium (which is very nice and great for viewing films) and are relevant to the material studied in class. Basically, that means I get to "go to the movies" one night a week, for a class.

-Spanish III: nothing really exciting about this, except that when that class is over my foreign language requirement will have been fulfilled completely, and I won't need to take any more Spanish classes.


Seriously, I know I'm kind of geeking out right now, but this is very exciting for me! This is the first semester where I am really able to take three classes that I really want to take, and where I'm taking them for me and my interests as opposed to taking classes strictly for institutional requirements. Also, the semester after that I'll probably be taking a Logic class (for the Philosophy major) which will fulfill my math requirement. It's an interesting subject and it's taught by a great professor. I love being a Philosophy major!

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My first semester Sophomore year I took: Calculus III, Physics III with lab, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and for my gen ed I took...Intro to Philosophy. I loved the philosophy course.


BTW, I wish all students had your enthusiasm. It'll translate into a successful career.

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Nice dude! I took an American Cinema class and I dug it. I went into it just to be with a girl but I ended up enjoying it.


You guys are making me feel stupid with my classes though. I'm over here taking english 100, intermediate algebra, and screenprinting. I'm handling them easily but still. We haven't started registration for next semester yet. I'm Not sure what I'm gonna do.

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