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Amp cab suggestions


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Hey guys,

I am picking up a 50 watt Marshall Vintage Modern head on Friday and was wondering what speaker cabs you would suggest to go along with it. I was going to go with the run-of-the-mill Marshall 1960A slant cab until the sales guy recommended I used the Vintage Modern 425 cab with greenback speakers. Comparing the two I really don't notice a difference, so is it worth the extra $200? I'm open to other brands too, but Marshall was my first thought as I'm looking for a 4x12 closed cab. I play a lot of classic rock and blues (as you can probably tell by my username) so I want something loud with a lot of thump and clarity to it.





Oh, and I play a 2007 LP standard and a '62 american vintage strat reissue if anyone was interested.

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Hi there....good question !!


My advice is if possible to try before you buy


People spend a lot of time and effort searching for their best sound and it is always a personal thing


It can only really be judged onstage and at a variety of venues


And also there is a lot of info on the web about who uses what


Personally I like to see the same name on the head and cab(!)





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