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Hockey Night in Canada Les Paul Studio


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Geez, its bad enough Canadians get pigeon- holed into being

parka wearing, hockey lovers, but who in their right mind would want that

logo on their guitar?

I dont mean to be negative my fellow Canuck, but its just ummm... wrong.


Again...just my opinion.:-({|=

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I saw it on TV last night after the Leaf BEAT the Sens...wooo!!! Didn't like the guitar though.


My finance doesn't show much interest in my guitars, especially the LP's. She says the shape is boring. Well last night, she sees Don Cherry holding up this guitar and she goes bananas over it. "Gee Tim, why didn't you buy a nice guitar like that?"


I just looked at her for a minute..."IT'S A LES PAUL, MORON. I HAVE THREE OF THEM!"


........women :-({|=

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