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Les Paul Ultima - looking for information


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I'm the original owner of a 1998 Les Paul Ultima (Ultima loop tailpiece, Harp Lady neck inlay). Just found my way here.


Looking for comments about the Ultima. Links to web sites or details about the construction, the inner chambers - anything at all would be great,






For me, if I had to have just one Les Paul - this would be it.

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This is all I have on the Ultima. Other than the wild fretboard inlays, it is pretty much a chambered reissue.

I think some of the early ones had a slightly different chambers but I can't find my exact photos of them.




I took this photo at the Custom Shop and it has been around the net on other sites:




I have doctored this photo to show what the early chambers of the Elegant and Ultima were since I can't find my original photo:


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A chambered reissue of ???

(What year do think would be closest).





They are a reissue using the specs of the present historic models, but chambered. But they are also made because of some guitars that Les Paul and Mary Ford had in the 50's. Les called them his "Hollow guitars". He said the during the live TV shows the Les Paul Customs were too heavy to hold during the entire show and he had Gibson make some that were "hollow" to be lighter. If I had to guess on a year, based on what Les had told me, I would say that those that Les had were '55 Customs because he said P90's were in some. I bet there are still one or two somewhere in the stacks of guitars somewhere in Les's estate.

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