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Calling all zebra pickup proffessionals


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Hi my name is Steve. I recently aquired these pickups in a trade along with a bag full of ten other random pickups. I traded a sweet Acoustic 70's solid state amp for a really nice Ibanez, yes, and bag full of ten other random pickups. These sound compleatly awesome I love them in my Epiphone Special ii, and I love that guitar too I could creat a whole nother section about the Special and it's squeaky tuners.


Back on topic though these have NO MARKINGS ON THEM WHATSOEVER NO STICKERS ENGRAVINGS NOTHING. There are two round holes on one side as typical and one on the far side of the poles. When in the guitar they are about about 6.0 k ohms and 7.6 Kohms, (when the 6.o Kohm is away from the 7.6kohm it drops to about 5.5, IDK why but i secreatly think these were ment to be near each other.) They also could be quite old, they had rust on top of the poles when I got them so they show some age, especially the cream color. A VERY STRANGE THING ABOUT THESE IS THE POLES ARE NOT ADJUSTABLE AT ALL, NOT ON THE BLACK and NOT ON THE WHITE.


Correction in the guitar they are both 7.5k ohms and 7.5 kOhms. The figure above were out of guitar figures


These non adjustable pole zebras never showed up in any of my google results if any of you guys no more than me please share.


A few questions too,

Did Epiphone ever make zebra pickups, these sound damn good in my Epipone?

Anybody know the parents?



Does anybody have an

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The non-adjustable pole pieces like that would be referred to as a 'stack' pickup. Basically that is considered lower end and could be found on many import guitars like the Squier Bullet or off brand guitar. The fact that they sound good and you like them is a definite plus. No need to kick 'em to the curb if they do the job right!

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