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ID-ing my SG


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Hi all! I'm having trouble ID-ing my SG. I've tried doing it by the serial number, and I've tried a few websites, but I can't find anything that matches mine.


From the top down:

Chrome Gibson tuning machines

Serial # 897604 stamped into the wood

No "Made In USA" stamp

Crest inlay on headstock

Bell trussrod cover, no writing on it

Block inlays on fretboard

Bound neck

2 humbuckers with chrome covers, black pickup rings

Chrome bridge & tailpiece

Small pickguard, black, but probably not the original one


It's pastel pink, but I'm not sure if it's a refin - that's one of the things that I'm trying to find out. If it's a refin, it's a good one. I know they did some pastel SG Jrs in the 2000's, but this looks more like a standard, and I purchased it used in the late '80's. One of the reference pages suggested on the Gibson page makes it seem like it might be custom shop - 6 digits, the second one is a 9. That would explain the odd color.....


Anyway, any help would be appreciated.



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