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I know this is the Gibson forum...and it's "home" for my guitar browsing/messaging needs but I had a question I'm sure can be answered here. I did ask the same thing on another forum but I'd like ya'lls input......



Regarding a standard D-18 and D-28 I know the main difference is Rosewood and Mahogany.


Are the any other differences not including appointments? Specifically with size specs, scale, bracing and overall shape?


I'm just about done with my first scratch kit build off of D-18 plans but I used Indian Rosewood b/s and Englemann spruce top with Mahogany neck.


I know I dont have Brazilian or Adi but I guess its still closer to a D-28...if size specs are the same. ???


Thanks for input.

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I would go for a D-35, just seems a little more growly than a D-28.


But also a D-18v is a great guitar, however when it comes to mahogany I certainly prefer Gibsons.


My single biggest downer with Martins is the lack of midrange with them .... I NEED midrange or I start getting cranky .. [cursing]

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