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2011 ugly guitar #33


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I'd probably use this one as a crutch for my bad electrical playing...This is a pretty limp design as far as I can see....This luthier must be on some kind of trip......I guess I was lucky I stumbled onto this one.....This probably costs an arm and a leg... I cast a wide net before I found this one....I guess you play this one if you get plastered....If you perform with this on stage, do your friends say, "Break a leg?"



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Are you sure this is original? Looks Doctored to me!


Might nurse me through my bad playin'.


Probably wouldn't make through more than one set.

WIly, you can't use ALL the puns!

Rob....that's what is good about puns....they can't be exhausted....there is ALWAYS one more pun....lol

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