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Anyone know of some kind of vacuum to remove dust from inside a guitar???


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Any sort of cheap canister type vac with a flexible hose, the smaller the better, then cut off the metal end, if it has one. If not, shorten up the non-flexible end to the barest of minimum, but cut at a 45° angle.


I like the compressed air idea as well, the turbulence will stir up the dust and the vac should be able to suck some of it up.



A local big-box store has "The Shark" hand held that is like a DustBuster on steroids. Has a flexible hose with a brush end. This might be perfect. Currently listed at $40.00. I could also come in handy for car cleaning chores.

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There must be some kind of small vacuum that eill let you get dust balls, hair balls, dust and such from inside the sounhole??? Any help appreciated....links?? Thanks


Hairballs ?????

You been playing at cat houses msp_flapper.gif

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