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Can anyone identify this?


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Looks legit to me, but the headstock looks like a smaller (wingless) headstock though, which would make it a Melody Maker, I'd guess late 60's perhaps? I don't recall if the Melody Maker back then ever came with a single P-90, so it could be modified, which might also explain why the body paint is stripped. Cool guitar still, love those P-90s [thumbup]

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is this homemade with a real gibson neck?


the neck joint does not line up on the left.

there are no bevels on the left/top.

horns too thick, look at the inner cuts.

tailpiece is crooked.

the wood looks god awful, never seen knots like that.

knob locations incorrect.

neck not set deep/close enough into the body.

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Unfortunately, I have to say, this one never been to Gibson factory. In addition to what Sneakerpimp said, I would like to point out to the distance between the bridge and tailpiece. Every detail of the guitar reflects very poor craftsmanship. Sorry... Cheers... Bence

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