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Quantity of the new "FLOOD" model


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I was considering buying one of the FLOOD models, and after reading about the limited run of only 300 per color (blue and green) I figured I better JUMP on it now! Everywhere I have seen this guitar for sale shows it as a limited run of 300 per color, yet I have heard from a few unofficial places that the numbers will be higher?!?!


Has anyone got a specific answer from Gibson on this as to how many will be made?


Thanks for any help on this,


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Ok new guy here, got one from SW broken headstock,... bummer I liked the top , second one is very nice and playable. I haven't played an LP since trying my brothers in the 80's. I know I shouldn't have waited so long. I didn't think for one minute it was limited to 300 units , if they sell then OK Just glad I got one but now I want a traditional.


Here is the message I received from Benton Cummings at Gibson


Additionally, this model is not limited to 300 guitars. Here is the release from Gibson USA regarding that:

This instrument was designed to help us commemorate all that each and every Gibson USA employee went through in order to restore this plant to its former glory following the flood. It was always our intention to take orders for this guitar through the Anniversary of the Flood. True to our word, the sku was turned off on April 30th. The instrument is a Limited Model in that it will not be offered again. The 300 unit number was never intended to be published. It is not a hand numbered piece. It was listed in a Confidential Internal Document as our belief of what demand for the guitars might be. Fortunately, other members of our community found it very special as well and it exceeded our expectations. We will honor the orders for all people who placed one in good faith expecting delivery.

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