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Started clases with my new guitar teacher today...


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A good teacher is a rare and wonderful thing


Playing with others/in a band is an intense learning experience....






You are so right!!! And right now I am very lucky to have both.... [thumbup]


Thanks for all the positive responces, looks like everyone agrees it's a good thing. Whats really cool is my professor is my age, maybe a bit older, and understands my roots, what I like and where I want to go...


I don't know if you guys know this bit Berklee School of Music from Boston is opening it's European campus in Valencia!! Where I live. I hope to get accepted there one day and study... I would like to claim the title of oldest student to get accepted to Berklee... At least I have a goal!!


I have also sent them a my curriculum in hopes to work there too... [biggrin]By the way Matt they are looking for professors and a Dean of Music, I think you should apply... They are looking for someone like you...

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Glad to hear you're taking some lessons. We can all learn.

My teacher has helped me realize my abilities and helped instill confidence as well. Plus he is fun to play with. My lessons are supposed to be an hour but the last three have stretched to close to 3 hours each. I'm his last lesson of the day and we start at about 7:00 pm.

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