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"Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who!"

charlie brown

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Netflix Instant View (Streaming) has a great documentary on The Who!

"Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who!" It's in 2-parts. First part,

is right at 2-hours, the second, about an hour and a half.


Well worth the time investment, if you love "The Who," or just good

Rock & Roll.




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It's crazy, part 2 is available for me to play, and it plays. But it plays the sound from part 1.


If that makes sense.


Hmmmm. That's interesting. There are parts of part 2, that are overlaps, from part one, but

they're just the same clips, in a few instances, and not the "wrong" sound track, or anything

like that. I assumed they did include those previous clips, in case the person watching, didn't

see the initial (Part 1) program, first. Who knows?


Hope you can get it sorted out, with NetFlix. They're pretty good, about feedback, and fixing

things, IF they can, at all.



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I have most of their available concerts and documentries on DVD / Blueray..............


I am a big Who fan.....I've seen them a handful of times......Always great shows, always........

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