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It's finally here!!!!!!!


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Hey Junkie, L&M has a promotional flyer for October (Yorkville Month) that's included with their fall & winter gear guide.

It says only 50 of those yummy maplesyrupandpancake bursts will be available.

You're is obviously #74; so, it must mean that 50 were kept for L&M.

Just thought I'd pass that on.


Played the guitar yet...how is it?

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Sorry, it's been a little crazy around here the past few months between the new baby, the 3 year-old, replacing two band members, trying not to be one of the christmas lay-offs at work, and paying for all the other gear I've bought this year.


I have played the R8, but just around the house. With no band for a few months, there were no rehearsals and still no gigs (probably not until at least spring). Half the time at home, I'm not even plugged in since I only get free time when the baby is sleeping. I figured it would be pretty pointless to offer a review based on my experiences so far. The review would pretty much say;


This thing feels awesome, sounds awesome, looks awesome, and even smells awesome. How it compares to my regular Gibsons in a playing situation, I can't really say.


When I do get a chance to jam and gig with it, I'll be sure to report back. I might even be able to get some audio/video posted as well.

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