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Just bought the reissue/ remaster of Derek and the Dominos "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs". Just some great playing between E.C. and Duane Allman. In one word "Passionate".

I got the deluxe edition with unreleased tracks. Highly recommended.msp_thumbup.gif


In a totally different direction I also bought Paul Simon's "So Beautiful Or So What". As is always the case, Paul's lyrical phrasing is unbelievable. Combined with some of the most beautiful melodies I think he's ever written this ranks with is best stuff.


His guitar work, something often overlooked, is stellar. Especially on the slower acoustic numbers were his finger picking style really shines. Genius.msp_thumbup.gif

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Yeah, hard to believe (now), that Derek & The Dominos LP was panned,

by the "critics," in it's initial release. Just shows what "Critics"

know, all too often. IMHO, as always.


Paul Simon is always a good/great listen. Some, better than other's, but he's

always enjoyable.



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