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Gibson stop bar question


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Hi all, I recently bought a 1974 Gibson SG, the guitar itself is definitely genuine but it has had some hardware replaced with Japanese stuff at some point. I'm trying to figure out if the stopbar tailpiece is original-am I right in thinking that it should be marked Gibson on the underside, like on the ABR1 bridge? The one I have has nothing written on it. Any help would be appreciated, I can post some pictures if it makes any difference.



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i recently looked for replacement Gibson tailpieces from the 70s to current and found none with any markings.


genuine gibson examples:





fake cheapo on top, high quality repro on bottom:



you can see on the last one grind marks around the slots. real gibson tailpieces are not much better as they are also cast a weigh a ton. the machined aluminum piece is flawless and weighs nearly two ounces lighter.

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