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Nedd Help Identifying an SG


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I was told its almost 20 years old, but from the Serial Number: 92159666 I think its a 99

Model number on the build tag: SG61HCLC1

Its a bound neck, trap markers, cherry red with a Maestro trem, chrome hardware?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Yep - serial number says '99. I believe the build tag says it's a '61 reissue. Post pictures if you can.

Nailed it, SG 61 RI Heritage Cherry. I think the LC1 after those descriptors may be about the Lyre tailpiece.

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Guest FarnsBarns

<shrug> Suit yourself, I was just trying to give a tip. I may be the only forum member who is irked by such things, but I figured just in case.


That's all.


Don't sweat it, doesn't bother me but if that makes you a ****, it makes the admins ****s as well, its rule 9 of use of the forum...


9. Do not post topic titles in full capitals, or include an obscene amount of full-stops (periods) or exclamation marks, question marks etc.


As I say, titles in caps don't bother me but you are clearly not alone.


Makes me wonder why they don't include "text-transform: lowercase;" in the css for thread titles?


(By the way, I typed all those *s)

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