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My Heart Has Been Torn


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Well the site was still down earlier today and I was bored. So I decided to go trade in one of my cheapo guits

for the down on that goldtop Ive been wanting. I went to trade it in and the guy who was helping me said there

were none left in the country, and that it would basically be impossible to find one because they dont make em anymore.

So I went to the acoustic room, crawled on the floor, and cried for a couple of minutes [flapper] then picked myself up

and asked them if there were any other options they had. Then my buddy James, who works there, came over and said

that they could try to find one in a different finish, I said okay and he was able to find me one in Honeyburst

at a store on the other side of town. So I said what the heck, and asked him to get it. Its comin in as soon as monday.

Right now Im depressed and Glad. Im depressed because my GAS wont fully be cured, but Im glad that I have buddies to

save me.

Here it is:


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