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New 2008 Traditional!!!!!


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Well, I did it!!! Yesterday I picked up a new Traditional. I was going to wait until I could get down to Phoenix in early October but when I saw the prices going up and the option to buy at the lesser price with 12 months same as cash I had to say yes.

I'll take some pics soon and then maybe one of you can help this non computer guy figure out how to put them up!!!

Oh, it is the Ice Tea Burst and I must say, it sure is sharp!!!!:D/



My best to all!!!!!

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The Traditional is the best piece Gibson has offered in a long time!


Talking to Mike at Bizarre Guitar today about the whole price increase thing.

Gibson has two price increases a year - every year, been that way forever.


Suddenly there's a panic that prices are going up....

Meanwhile, the guitar market is getting soft because the economy is in the tank.


Neither has much truth to it.

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