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After months of trying to find one in stock somewhere that coincided with me having money in my pocket, the stars aligned Thursday night when I noticed that the GC about 50 miles away from me had it listed as "In Store" I called the guy I deal with there and he said they had two in stock. one on the floor and one in the back NIB. He put me on hold and went and got the NIB one and compared it to the floor model and suggested I would be happier with the NIB one. I put a deposit on it so they could hold it for me because it was too far a drive to get there before closing. When I got to the store on Friday evening, the floor model had already been sold so I had nothing to compare the NIB one to, but I was quite happy with it and completed the transaction. I really like this guitar and aside from the looks and variety of tones, it's really an awesome "couch guitar".

post-26114-057489500 1303648808_thumb.jpg

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I have the Honeyburst. The Fireburst was my second choice...Enjoy.


Mine was made in factory 23. wonder if the "Unknown Location" has been discovered?? Still, Not a flaw on it. The local Store has the Gibson Nighthawk. The Epi is a lot nicer looking. Gib has dot fret markers and the binding is plain white...no black pinstripe on white. The Gib bridge HB is set straight, and the single pu in the middle looks like a Hot Rail. The neck pu is full size, not mini. Price was around $1,000. Didn't sound that much better than the Epi.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

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Yeah, Bones!


"Fireburst is the color of my true love's ... finish" for sure! Beautiful axe ...


Don't own one yet ... I had the opportunity to dive on a trans-blue Epi LP Standard, so I took it. but this gal is near the top of a very short GAS list for me. Congrats!



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