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Hey guys...looking for a custom epiphone with great quality.


Ta Da!!! The epiphone Les paul Ultra-II


so...does anyone have them...post up pics if you do...and mention any mods done on them..


If you could post like a review of your ultra II it would be great.


Like how is the fit n finish? the setup? Strings? Strap buttons, tuners n does it stay in tune? neck and overall feel...and most importantly...TONE!!! you can also put up a video of you playing your ultra Ii


Cheers people [thumbup]

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I have a 2008 MiK Ultra II and love her! The nanomag is really unique and I'm nowhere near done with trying out different combinations and settings. No mods at all other than the original owner replaced the pick guard with a black one. From what I hear, they aren't exactly the easiest guitars to mod but I have no arguments with the stock pups or electronics. Besides, I have my SD equipped Vintage SG if I need a change of sound.







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I have had mine since November 2008. It is a very nice guitar. The fit and finish is 1st class in my opinion.

I played 5 or 6 guitars the day I bought her. I wanted a Les Paul so I stuck to that shape, but I played expensive Gibby's, Gibby Studios, inexpensive Epi's, to the Epi Ultra II.

All were played through the same Fender Blues Classic amp in the store.

The setup off the rack was terrible. I asked the store if they thought they could sell the guitar with it set up the way it was, and they agreed that it was bad. They did a setup for me, and I came back the second day. I played it against all the other guitars I mentioned, and chose this one for several reasons.

1. The looks. It looked better than all the others.

2. The feel. The neck has a fast, slim profile and satin finish.

3. The tone. As good and better than some of the more expensive guitars.

4. The price. Far less money than any of the Gibby's.

5. The Nanomag. It gives the guitar a whole different dimension.

6. The comfort. The chambered body is lighter, and with a tummy cut is more comfortable.


I have replaced the tuning machines, but only to put locking tuners on it.

I will replace the nut right away also.

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Well, I own the Ultra ... so no Nanomag on mine, but this guitar marked my return to the electric guitar after many, many years of being away from them. She really helped my "shake off the rust" and proved to be my right arm through most of a year and a half of nightly gigging.


Great guitar ... and one that I'll NEVER let go. Here she is ... still as bone stock as the day she followed me home:





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