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NPD and first show coming up!

Silenced Fred

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Well, the crash interrupted me taking up more of your bandwidth, but I ordered an EQD Dreamcrusher. Totally rocks, I love it




Also, playing our first show Friday, playing at my local college, 30 minute set.


Music is finally going forward, I was finally able to admit to my parents that this is what I want to do, I'm going to get a part time job and get more shows. Talked to a few "booking agents" for local shows, and they are going to fill us in at spots.

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Nobody cares :(


I'm concerned that the hand on the bottom of the pedal, very realistic looking by the way, may interfere with proper switching on and off.


Good luck with it, and have fun.



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I have some homework to do too. I hate my English class....


EQD is Dub approved. I've had 3 of their pedals and they were all excellent. I don't miss my Hoof but I miss my Hummingbird.


I have to write a 15 minute speech with a rebuttal for tomorrow and I'm forced to work with my friend (she's a jerk, I wanna go home!)


ANd I have to make a powerpointn with like 5 billion stupid pictures

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